Fine Art School Photography - Fonda NY

What is Fine Art School Photography?
It’s the perfect moment when professional portraits and personality collide!

I use natural light with a classic black backdrop that will provide you with a timeless portrait of your child. No cheese face, strange poses or dated backdrops will be happening during this shoot. I try my best to help the kids relax so i'm able to truly capture their personality during the shoot. 

How is this different than the what the school provides?
The largest difference? You can view and choose between 2-5 images of your child. I wont be picking the image for you. You can then build your own package. This means that you know exactly what you're getting and not holding your breath opening the package when the prints finally delivered and praying to God your kid is wearing the same clothes and hair style you sent them to school with. This also means you just order whatever prints you would like and you're not locked into a package with print sizes you'll never use.

What is included?
Once we schedule a day for school portraits I will arrive with everything I need to photograph the children. If these are individual portraits not affiliated with a school we can set up a time to come to the studio or, depending on distance and available space/light, I might be able to come right to you.
Once I photograph the children the images will be loaded to the website within 2 weeks where parents can view 2-5 images of their child and order the prints they choose.
Prints are ordered online and delivered directly to the school. 


How many students can I accommodate?
Right now i’m only working with small schools, preschools and individual families. 


What if my school already has a photographer ?
Not a problem! This actually is very common where parents would like a different style than what the school offers. Just send me a message and tell me you're interested in a fine art school portrait session and we can set something up! Your child can still be documented on picture day at school you just don't have to feel obligated to purchase the photo.


Are the images expensive?
There are a variety of print sizes and products to choose from so the total amount spent is entirely up to the person ordering. The benefit to this type of session is that people can pick what fits their needs best.


What time of year do I host the Fine Art School Portraits?
I know most schools in our area shoot school portraits in the fall but I can do them any time that works for the school. The turn around time is around 2 weeks so scheduling school portraits later in the year is not an issue.


If this sounds like the perfect fit for you then i'd love to work with you, your family or your school!! ---> Contact